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cPanel EMail Setup

There are two ways to access your email.  You may access the webmail at:

http://<enter your domain here>/webmail


http://webmail.<enter your domain here>

One of the two, or both will work for all of our hosting plans.

Or you may setup your mail client and/or phone with the following settings:

Incoming POP3/IMAP server: mail.<insert your domain>
Outgoing SMTP server: mail.<insert your domain>
username: your full email address
SSL: no
SPA (secure password): no
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication: yes (use same settings as incoming server)

If your internet provider blocks port 25, you may change it to port 2525.
POP3 Port: 110
IMAP Port: 143

If you have one of our linux plans, you can access the webmail above, and once you're logged in:
  Looking at your inbox, click on your email address on the upper right.
  Select "Configure Mail Client"
  Click on the link under protocol for the mail client you use and it will set everything up for you.

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