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I have run out of space on my account, or an email account, and I cannot get into my email to delete messages.

If you have run out of space in an email account, or for your total account space, you will need to make room via the file manager in the control panel:

To access the Control Panel for your website:
- Login to your account at https://www.webiness.com/cp
- Click on the "My Services" link on the top menu
- Find the site you want to access in the list and click on the "View Details" icon for that site.
- Scroll down until you see a "Login to cPanel" button and click on it.

You are now in the control panel for your website.

- In the files section, click on File Manager (make sure you click on "Show Hidden Files" and click "Go")
- on the left panel, click on mail
- on the right page, click on the account you need to free space for, it will start with a .
- you will then need to determine where you can free space, .Trash, .Sent are two spots to check, and cur is the inbox, new contains unread email.

You will need to remove enough files (each file is an email) to allow you back into the system. They are named something similar to:

If you are looking to clear out old email, you can see how old they are by the column titled "Last Modified (PDT)"


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