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Article Add an SSL Certificate to cPanel site.
SSL/TLS ManagerFor cPanel version 11.30The SSL and TLS features are intended to make your website...
Views: 4883
Article How do I add a MySQL Database under cPanel?
To access the Control Panel for your website: - Login to your account at...
Views: 1458
Article How do I add new email accounts?
Under Plesk for Windows: Login to your Control Panel On the panel, on the right page under...
Views: 2988
Article How do I remove the "www" from my domain name?
To automatically remove the "www" from the beginning of your domain, add the following...
Views: 1899
Article How do I require users to enter "www" with my domain name?
To force the use of "www" when viewers are viewing your site, add the following mod_rewrite rule...
Views: 1650
Article How to use the host file if your domain is pointed elsewhere
The hosts file is used to map hostnames to IP addresses. With the hosts file you can change the...
Views: 1689
Article I have run out of space on my account, or an email account, and I cannot get into my email to delete messages.
If you have run out of space in an email account, or for your total account space, you will need...
Views: 794
Article What are the nameservers I should set my domain to?
We have two DNS servers that you should point your domain to: ns0.webiness.com ns1.webiness.com  
Views: 2336
Article What is LAMP?
I keep hearing about LAMP enabled systems.  What is it? LAMP is the server environment used...
Views: 2088
Article Where is my Disk Space being used?
Q: When I look on the main page of my control panel it tells me how much space is being used and...
Views: 2165

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