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Can I send an email newsletter?

Webiness understands that Solicited Bulk Email is an important mechanism for keeping consenting customers informed of products, services or news. Subscribers who insist that they participate in legitimate opt-in direct mail, telemarketing, and/or email marketing services are welcome as hosting customers, and must agree to the following in order to take advantage of TierPoint’s hosting services:

  • The Subscriber must purchase a dedicated server or colocation solution to accomodate their Solicited Bulk Email-based business.
  • One month payment in advance is due upon the creation of the Subscriber’s account, and a valid credit card must be stored securely and locally as part of the Subscriber’s account.
  • Any spam-oriented complaints which result in the black-listing of Webiness IP pools (outside of those IP addresses assigned to the Subscriber’s dedicated server) shall result in the immediate cancellation of the Subscriber’s account, and no refunds shall be issued.
  • The Subscriber is responsible for managing the positive association of their business with popular black-listing authorities, primarily Spamhaus (spamhaus.org)  and SpamCop (spamcop.net) accordingly.
  • Shared hosting customer who wish to send bulk email, such as newsletters, are limited to sending 100 messages per 30 minutes. We highly recommend using a service like Constant Contact to perform these duties as they have safeguards in place that stop their systems from being listed on the blacklist servers out there.

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