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Can I upgrade my plan at any time, and what is the process?

As an existing Webiness customer, you have the ability to upgrade (and under some circumstances, downgrade) your services at any time.
The process for upgrading or downgrading can be done directly through your control panel. Under "My Services" select the plan you wish to upgrade/downgrade and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find buttons to upgrade/downgrade the plan based on availability.
Most plan adjustments will be immediate whenever possible, but please allow up to 24 hours.
Billing Status
If you upgrade/downgrade your service, you will be refunded (a credit adjustment for your unused subscription period will be issued) and a new subscription will be created.
As a simplified example, assume you currently pay $10/month for Plan A, and wanted to upgrade to Plan B which is $20/month (on the same billing cycle). If you were half way into your billing cycle when you upgraded, you would be refunded $5 as a credit adjustment on Plan A, and a new subscription for Plan B would be created at $20/month - your new billing cycle (and thus, your new billing date) would also begin from the date of the upgrade.

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