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How to Sync Frontpage 2003 With a Website

To open an existing website in FrontPage:

1. Go to the File Menu, Select Import.

2. Select From Site on the right side of the pop up window.

3. In most cases, you can open an existing site using the HTTP, setting. Just type in the appropriate web address, click next and it will open into FrontPage (on some sites, passwords are needed.)

4. If there is no website yet, and you have files or folders saved on your computer, select the appropriate selection.

Once the site is open in FrontPage, you can work on it offline, until you want to publish your site. Make sure to save all changes.

When you are ready to publish to the web:

1. Go to the File Menu and select Publish.

2. Make sure your firewall allows FrontPage to access the internet.

3. You will then be prompted to type in your username and password.

4. Your Remote Website will the show in two separate boxes, the changed items will have an arrow beside them.

5. Click on Publish Site.

6. Sometimes pop ups will come up asking certain questions that you will need to answer, such as when a file or picture has been deleted from the website. Just choose the appropriate answer.

Your website will then be Synchronized with the Frontpage website.

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