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The "My Details" section of the control panel allows you access to manage your contact details, including your credit card information, and to setup and/or change others who have access to your account. The menu includes the following options:

My Details Menu

My Details: Contact details for the main account holder are found here and can be changed. If you'd like someone else to receiving billing information, add them as a contact and list them as "Default Billing Contact" at the bottom of the form.

Manage Contacts: View or change details on any sub-account holders.

Add New Contact: Add a new contact to your account. You can assign them to be a "Sub-Account" which will give them access to this control panel - select the areas you'd like them to have access to.

Change Credit Card Details: You'd update your credit card information here.

Change Password: Change the password to access the Webiness Control Panel.

Change Security Question: Setup and change a security question so we can allow access if you forget your password.

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