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Will Webiness help me transfer my site between hosts?

Even though we will be happy to assist you in moving your current website over to us from an alternate host, we cannot provide nor do we guarantee a seamless transfer between servers for several reasons:

1) IP addresses can not be moved between servers, resulting in downtime due to DNS caching.
Internet service providers (ISPs) and even desktop computers cache DNS entries to reduce the load on Internet Name Servers and to speed up web browsing. At times, it may take up to 48 hours for all Domain Name Servers on the Internet to become aware of your site's new IP address(es) after the transfer. Ultimately, this means that until users receive updated DNS entries, they will be directed to your old IP address on your old server (at your old hosting provider). During this period, some visitors will be able to access your site fine (those who already have the new DNS entry) and others will not (visitors still using an outdated cached entry). To the visitors using out of date DNS entries, it will appear that your website is down.

2) It can take a long time to transfer data between servers.
Even though our servers are connected by a very high-speed, redundant internal network, it still takes a while to move large amounts of data between servers. In addition, we give account transfers a low system CPU priority so that a transfer does not degrade performance to other websites hosted on the source and destination machines (in shared environments). With large accounts, it may take as long as a few hours to move all of your data to your new server.

3) Your account will be disabled/offline during the actual transfer process.
While we move your account settings and data between the old and new servers, both your old account and your new account will be inactive (suspended for both visitors and you). This is to prevent one copy of your data from getting out of sync with the other. If changes are being made to the old website while the data is being copied, those changes may not be picked up during the move and will be lost. This is especially important on sites that use MySQL databases - any changes to a database after it is copied to the new server will be lost.

4) We can not ensure that transfers are performed within a specific time frame.
Unfortunately, if there are important support tickets and service issues waiting to be addressed, they will inherently take precedence over account transfers. Once you have decided that you would like your account transferred, it may take as long as 48-72 hours before the transfer is complete. But please be take note that we will notify you when we begin the transfer and again when it has completed. We cannot, however, provide advance notice before starting the transfer to ensure that it is a good time to have your site offline. When you request a transfer, you are essentially at the mercy of our team's availability - we'll do our very best to transfer your site as quickly as possible, but it may occur in the middle of the night, or it may occur at noon, and it may happen today, or it may happen a week from today.

5) Transfers are not guaranteed to be flawless!
We can only provide a "best effort" attempt to transfer your site to a new server. There are no guarantees that the transfer will be problem free. When a problem is encountered, an administrator will make an attempt to resolve the problem and restart the transfer from scratch, resulting in further downtime, as all data will need to be re-transferred. But we'll keep you in the loop the entire time, and we'll do our very best to make the transition as painless and seamless as possible.

If you have read through all of the above information and would still like Webiness to perform an account transfer, please send a request to our support department (support@webiness.com) and we will add your site to the list of pending transfers. Please understand that we will make every attempt to handle your transfer as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee that it will be done at a certain time of day, or even within the next week. We will send you emails notifications to let you know when the transfer has begun and when it has been completed.

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