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Are your dedicated servers managed?

Going Unmanaged 
Currently, we only offer dedicated servers in an unmanaged configuration (which generally require the user to be technically adept, and comfortable with server administration). The primary difference between unmanaged and managed, however, is that with an unmanaged machine you become responsible for ensuring that the latest security and application patches are applied.

We offer Plesk & cPanel control panel licenses as an add-on feature, which will allow you to remotely administer your server. By default, users of unmanaged machines will need to make other arrangements for remotely administering their servers (if you have any special requests or questions, please contact us!)
Software Installation
Unless otherwise requested, all servers will be configured with a clean installation of either Ubuntu Linux or Windows 2003 Server (Web or Standard Edition), with all of the tools you'd expect with it. With our Windows-based machines, all current patches and security fixes are also applied before going live.
From there, you can configure your server to fit your exact specifications. Although, if you need assistance installing additional software or configuring aspects of the server, we are available to provide assistance at an affordable hourly rate.
Physical Management
As a final note, it should be said that we manage all aspects that relate to the physical nature of the server, and the data center in which it is housed. For instance, if a hard drive fails, we will ensure it is replaced accordingly, at no cost to you.

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